Company Profiles

Everything Can Do (ECD) is an agricultural product sourcing and trading company with a
large part of its portfolio in rice supply both for the domestic and world markets.

Everything Can Do conducts its rice business as a manufacturer, domestic wholesaler and overseas exporter of a wide
range of premium grade rice products, including Thai Jasmine Rice, Thai White Rice, Brown Rice, and Parboiled Rice.
ECD supplies rice to one of Thailandís biggest hypermarket brands and has over the past few years gradually increased
its export sales by expanding lines of production. ECD has also formed strong business alliances with canned goods
and food stuffs manufacturers so that we are able to rapidly and reliably supply a wide variety of agricultural on
our customers’ request.

Our rice mill has been in continuous operation since 1990 and we have been in the rice milling business for over two
decades. Our mill is located in Nakornphathom, around an hour’s drive from central Bangkok enabling us to maintain
close quality control of product. We can meet customer demand for any kind of rice with the mill not only
milling the rice grain but also developing the rice (e.g. adding fortifying vitamins), packing into varied
size packages for retail purposes, and branding the packaging under our own or our
customer’s private brand label for both domestic and international brands.

Our mill meets both GMP and HACCP industrial
standards, so customers can rest assured that
they will receive nothing but the best
international standard products. Moreover, we
are currently expanding the mill’s capacity by
building more developing and packing lines in
order to cover our future business growth.